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Right time to change solid forklift tyre

Submitted by admin on Sat, 18/10/2014 - 08:28

IE PARTS SUPPLY SDN BHD can advised you on the right time to have your solid forklift tyre changed. Call us now on +60134222988.  Change your solid forklift tyre too early, you obviously lose money.

Change your solid forklift tyre too late can cause many issues, which will cause you to lose more money:-

- if your solid forklift tyre is not within specifications, it can invalidate your insurance,

- if  your solid forklift tyre is way below the recommended limit, it can cause accident, health and safety issues, thereby eventually losing you money.


IE PARTS SUPPLY SDN BHD recommends that you change your solid forklift tyre as per the manufacturer's recommendations; which is not less than 5mm for most manufacturer.


Call IE PARTS SUPPLY SDN BHD and we will be more  than happy to provide you with some guidance.

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