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How to choose right solid forklift tyres.

Submitted by admin on Sat, 18/10/2014 - 08:14

Choosing the right solid forklift tyre for your forklift will impact on your profitability of your business. Choose wrongly, it will lose your business money through health and safety issues, endangering your staff and safe working environment and losing the optimum efficiency of your forklift. Choosing it right, your business makes more profit. In order to choose the right solid forklift tyre for your forklift, we need to know the following:-

Ownership:  If your forklift is at the end of lease, you would probably not want to change a brand new solid forklift tyre just to return forklift! If you are about to sell your the forklift, you probably do not want to change the solid forklift tyre but maybe just get them re-groove!


Forklift Usage: Do you use your forklift to carry maximum loads? Does your forklift travel a very long distance with loads? Is your forklift use 24/7?


Environment:- What kind of surfaces will your forklift be traveling on? Smooth concrete? Tarmac? Earth? Loose gravel? Grass? Level or sloping? etc


Specialist usage: non marking tyres? electrically conductive tyre? heat resistant tyre? wet grip tyre? etc


IE PARTS SUPPLY SDN BHD can advised you on the right choice of solid forklift tyre for your forklift in order to save you money.


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